Care Guide


Leather is a natural material that can scuff and dent with the slightest impact. Avoid throwing your shoes or using your other shoe to ‘slip’ out your foot. Additionally, an oak shoe tree will help keep shape and assist with odour control with the natural anti-bacterial properties of oak.

Switch It Up

Leather needs time to rejuvenate after all day use. Shoes should be allowed to rest between wears. This will allow the leather to recuperate, lengthening their lifespan. Why not see this as an opportunity to change your style throughout the week? Chester Tuesday – Oliver Wednesday?

Al Natural

If your shoes get wet, wipe off the excess water and let them dry at room temperature, never use excessive heat such as fire, heaters or leave them in the sun – your leather will crack, and your shoes may shrink. Use as natural matters as possible.

Polishing Perfection

Remove any dirt gently before applying plenty of neutral, or matching colour polish. Leave the polish on to feed the leather, thereafter use a soft brush and cloth to shine to your desire. For Suede, use a high-quality shampoo and restorer.

Save Our Soles

Finally – SOS – our favourite acronym. If the sole, or heel, of your shoe wears down, take them to a cobbler and get them fixed by a professional. Home ‘superglues’ may damage your leather and could result in unrepairable damage.